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Quiztok (CRYPTO:QTCON) is a blockchain-based quiz mining platform that combines ads and quizzes. It allows users to earn QTCON tokens by answering quizzes and watching ads. The tokens can then be used to purchase products and services on the Quiztok platform. Quiztok is working on a number of projects, including NFT integration, metaverse integration, and educational content development. The team is committed to building a fun and rewarding platform for users to learn and earn cryptocurrency. Quiztok's objective is to make learning and earning cryptocurrency accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise.
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Seoul, South Korea

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Overview of Quiztok offerings
Creating and trading NFT quizzes: Users can create and trade NFT quizzes on the Quiztok platform. This allows them to monetize their knowledge and creativity.
Earning tokens for answering quizzes: Users can earn QTCON tokens by answering quizzes correctly. The more quizzes they answer, the more tokens they earn.
Learning from educational content: Users can learn from educational content on the Quiztok platform. This content is developed by experts and covers a wide range of topics.
Purchasing products and services with tokens: Users can use their QTCON tokens to purchase products and services on the Quiztok platform. These products and services can include gift cards, subscriptions, and physical goods.
Taking quizzes and earning tokens in the metaverse: Users can take quizzes and earn tokens in the metaverse. This allows them to learn and earn cryptocurrency in a virtual world.
Watching ads to earn tokens: Users can also earn QTCON tokens by watching ads. The length of the ad and the number of times it is viewed will determine how many tokens are earned.