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Quantum Computing (NASDAQ:QUBT) focuses on developing advanced computing technologies that leverage quantum mechanics principles to process information at unprecedented speeds. Trading solely on the NASDAQ, interested parties can find its stock under the ticker code NASDAQ:QUBT. The company is engaged in bringing quantum computing from the research lab to practical applications, aiming to solve complex problems in various sectors such as cybersecurity, material science, finance, and pharmaceuticals. Quantum Computing's projects include developing proprietary algorithms and software that harness the power of quantum computing, aspiring to revolutionize industries by offering solutions that are significantly faster and more efficient than traditional computing systems. The company's primary objective is to make quantum computing accessible and usable for commercial and governmental organizations worldwide, driving innovation and solving previously intractable challenges.
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Information Technology

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New Jersey, United States

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/Quantum Software /Quantum Optimization /Mukai Software /Quantum Application Development /Quantum Services /Cloud-based Solutions

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Overview of Quantum Computing Inc offerings
Qatalyst software - a quantum application accelerator enabling complex computations using classical and quantum computers.
QikStart Program - supports and collaborates with researchers and organizations to explore practical quantum applications.
Quantum Asset Allocator - a finance-oriented service optimizing asset portfolios using quantum-inspired algorithms.
Entropy Quantum Computing - a service aimed at enhancing cybersecurity through quantum-secure random number generation.
Dirac 1 - Quantum Computing's first quantum annealer designed to solve optimization problems more efficiently.
Mukai middleware platform - enables developers to build and execute quantum-ready applications with ease.

Who is in the executive team of Quantum Computing Inc?

Quantum Computing Inc leadership team
  • Dr. William J. McGann Ph.D.
    Dr. William J. McGann Ph.D.
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Christopher  Boehmler
    Mr. Christopher Boehmler
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Christopher Bruce Roberts
    Mr. Christopher Bruce Roberts
    General Counsel, Treasurer & Secretary
  • Ms. Rebel  Brown
    Ms. Rebel Brown
    Vice President of Strategy & Marketing
  • Dr. Yuping  Huang Ph.D.
    Dr. Yuping Huang Ph.D.
    Chief Quantum Officer & Director