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Qualigen Therapeutics (NASDAQ:QLGN) is a biotechnology company focused on developing novel therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and viral diseases. Their portfolio includes projects aimed at advancing small molecule drugs and nanotechnologies designed to target major medical needs. A key objective for Qualigen Therapeutics is to progress these innovative treatments through clinical trials, aiming to provide new options for patients with unmet medical needs. The team is dedicated to leveraging its expertise in drug development to potentially improve outcomes for individuals facing serious health challenges.
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Health Care

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Los Angeles, United States

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/Cancer Therapies /Diagnostic Products /Drug Development /AS1411 Compound /RAS-F Technology /FastPack System

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Overview of Qualigen Therapeutics offerings
ALK1-ALK5 Dual Inhibitor Program: Developing targeted therapies for fibrotic diseases, including alcoholic hepatitis, by inhibiting ALK1 and ALK5 signaling pathways.
QN-302: A proprietary small molecule in development for pancreatic, ovarian, and other types of aggressive cancers, targeting the G4 structures in cancer cells.
QN-247: A DNA-coated gold nanoparticle cancer drug, aimed at inducing apoptosis in cancer cells without harming normal cells.
RAS-F: A program focused on developing compounds targeting RAS oncogene signaling pathways for the treatment of cancer.
FastPack IP System: A diagnostic platform offering rapid and accurate testing for various conditions, including thyroid, prostate, and testosterone levels.
QALY-VALY: Developing therapies for the treatment of viral infections, with a focus on leveraging antiviral and immunomodulatory mechanisms.

Who is in the executive team of Qualigen Therapeutics?

Qualigen Therapeutics leadership team
  • Mr. Michael S. Poirier
    Mr. Michael S. Poirier
    President, COO, CEO & Chairman
  • Mr. Christopher L. Lotz
    Mr. Christopher L. Lotz
    VP of Finance, CFO & Corporate Secretary