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What does Qomolangma Acquisition do?
Qomolangma Acquisition (NASDAQ:QOMO) focuses on mergers, share exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, and partnership ventures, among others, to foster growth and value in various sectors. This entity primarily operates as a blank check company, paving the way for businesses seeking to enter public markets through reverse mergers or similar strategies. The firm sets its sights on identifying promising opportunities that deliver substantial returns for its stakeholders, emphasizing cooperative success through strategic alliances. With a keen eye on innovation and market trends, Qomolangma Acquisition remains dedicated to scouting and securing ventures that align with its objectives of growth, sustainability, and shareholder value enhancement.
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What sector is Qomolangma Acquisition in?

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Where is the head office for Qomolangma Acquisition ?

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Head Office
New York, United States

What year was Qomolangma Acquisition founded?

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What does Qomolangma Acquisition specialise in?
/Special Purpose /Acquisition Company /Public Equity /Investment Vehicle /Merger Facilitation /Capital Raising

What are the products and/or services of Qomolangma Acquisition ?

Overview of Qomolangma Acquisition offerings
Raise Capital: SPACs raise money through an IPO, selling shares to investors.
Search for Target: After going public, the SPAC searches for a private company to acquire.
Acquisition & Merger: Once a target is identified, the SPAC merges with the private company, taking it public.

Who is in the executive team of Qomolangma Acquisition ?

Qomolangma Acquisition leadership team
  • Mr. Jonathan P. Myers
    Mr. Jonathan P. Myers
    President, CEO & Chairman
  • Mr. Hao  Shen
    Mr. Hao Shen
    CFO & Director