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What does Pure Hydrogen Corporation do?
Pure Hydrogen Corporation (ASX:PH2) is a clean energy company focused on the development of hydrogen and energy projects. The company has a vertically integrated strategy, with operations spanning the hydrogen supply chain from production to distribution and end-use applications. Pure Hydrogen's operations include hydrogen fuel cell vehicle sales and distribution, hydrogen production and supply, hydrogen refuelling station development and renewable energy development.
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Where is the head office for Pure Hydrogen Corporation?

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Sydney, Australia

What year was Pure Hydrogen Corporation founded?

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What does Pure Hydrogen Corporation specialise in?
/Clean energy /Hydrogen technology /Hydrogen /Energy /Hydrogen fuel

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Overview of Pure Hydrogen Corporation offerings
Hydrogen Production: Developing a diverse portfolio of hydrogen production projects across Australia.
Hydrogen Refuelling Stations: Establishing an extensive network of hydrogen refuelling stations throughout Australia.
Hydrogen Transportation Solutions: Pioneering hydrogen-powered solutions for trucks, buses, and trains.
Innovative Hydrogen Storage: Creating advanced hydrogen storage options, from tanks to batteries.
Hydrogen Export Solutions: Spearheading the development of hydrogen export infrastructure, including pipelines and ships.
Cutting-edge Hydrogen Technology: Advancing hydrogen technology solutions such as electrolysers and fuel cells.

Who is in the executive team of Pure Hydrogen Corporation?

Pure Hydrogen Corporation leadership team
  • Mr. Scott  Brown B.Bus., CA, M.Com
    Mr. Scott Brown B.Bus., CA, M.Com
    MD & Executive Director
  • Mr. Ronald  Hollands A.C.A., ACA, B.Bus., M.B.A.
    Mr. Ronald Hollands A.C.A., ACA, B.Bus., M.B.A.
    Company Secretary
  • Mr. Craig  Beatton
    Mr. Craig Beatton
    Financial Controller
  • Mr. Clint  Butler
    Mr. Clint Butler
    Sales Manager