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What does ProShares Short High Yield do?
ProShares Short High Yield (NYSE:SJB) specializes in providing investors with inverse exposure to the high yield bond market, aiming to benefit from declines in the value of speculative-grade bonds. This focus allows the company to offer strategic investment options for those looking for hedging opportunities against downturns in the high yield bond sector. ProShares Short High Yield’s main goal is to deliver inverse returns of its benchmark index on a daily basis, employing derivatives and other financial instruments to achieve its objectives. Through this approach, the company enables investors to potentially profit from, or protect against, decreases in market values of high yield bonds, aligning with the needs of investors seeking defensive positioning in their portfolios.
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Bethesda, United States

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/Investment Services /Bond ETF /Risk Management /Portfolio Diversification /Financial Instruments /Market Exposure

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Overview of ProShares Short High Yield offerings
Inverse exposure to the high yield bond market, aiming to benefit from declines.
Utilizes swaps and derivatives to achieve its investment objective.
Daily rebalancing to maintain target exposure levels.
Access through U.S. stock exchanges for ease of trading.
Aimed at sophisticated investors understanding inverse and daily rebalancing risks.
Provides a hedge against market downturns for portfolios exposed to high yield bonds.