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What does ProMIS Neurosciences do?
ProMIS Neurosciences (TSX:PMN), (NASDAQ:PMN) focuses on discovering and developing treatments targeting neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and Parkinson's disease. This company aims to identify specific epitopes on misfolded proteins which are common in these conditions, leveraging their proprietary technology platforms to create both therapeutic and diagnostic solutions. Their portfolio includes several antibody candidates in preclinical development, designed to target toxic misfolded protein aggregates believed to contribute to the progression of neurodegenerative diseases. The ultimate objective of ProMIS Neurosciences is to halt disease progression and improve the quality of life for patients suffering from these devastating conditions.
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Health Care

Where is the head office for ProMIS Neurosciences?

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Toronto, Canada

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What does ProMIS Neurosciences specialise in?
/Alzheimer's Treatments /Neurodegenerative Diseases /Drug Development /Precision Medicine /Therapeutic Antibodies /Biopharmaceutical Company

What are the products and/or services of ProMIS Neurosciences?

Overview of ProMIS Neurosciences offerings
Development of precision medicine therapies targeting misfolded proteins implicated in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and ALS.
Research on monoclonal antibodies targeting toxic oligomers for the treatment of ALS and Alzheimer's disease.
PMN310, an antibody therapy showing high selectivity for toxic amyloid-beta oligomers in Alzheimer's disease.
Collaboration with pharmaceutical companies to explore therapeutic antibodies for neurodegenerative diseases.
Diagnostic tools for early detection of biomarkers associated with neurodegenerative diseases.
Engagement in partnerships for the advancement of research and development in neurodegenerative disease therapies.

Who is in the executive team of ProMIS Neurosciences?

ProMIS Neurosciences leadership team
  • Mr. Eugene  Williams
    Mr. Eugene Williams
    Co-Founder & Chairman
  • Mr. Neil K.  Warma M.B.A.
    Mr. Neil K. Warma M.B.A.
    President, Interim CEO, Principal Executive Officer & Director
  • Dr. Neil R. Cashman M.D.
    Dr. Neil R. Cashman M.D.
    Founder, Co-Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board, Chief Scientific Officer & Director
  • Mr. Gavin T. Malenfant
    Mr. Gavin T. Malenfant
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Daniel E. Geffken M.B.A.
    Mr. Daniel E. Geffken M.B.A.
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Johanne  Kaplan Ph.D.
    Dr. Johanne Kaplan Ph.D.
    Chief Development Officer
  • Dr. Ernest D. Bush Ph.D.
    Dr. Ernest D. Bush Ph.D.
    Head of Pharmacology/Toxicology & Senior Consultant
  • Dr. David  Wishart Ph.D.
    Dr. David Wishart Ph.D.
    Chief Physics Officer