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Procure Space ETF (NASDAQ:UFO) navigates the final frontier with a focused approach, investing in an array of businesses dedicated to space exploration, space-related technologies, and the emergent space economy. Their portfolio spans from satellite communications to rocket launch services, embodying a vision that the next big leap for mankind and markets alike lies beyond Earth's atmosphere. By channeling investments into companies that are pushing the boundaries of space travel and technologies, Procure Space ETF aims to offer its investors not just a stake in the space race, but a seat at the table for the future economic expansion into outer space. This ETF's objective is to track the performance of the S-Network Space Index, capitalizing on the growing demand for space infrastructure and services.
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Levittown, United States

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/Space Exploration /Satellite Technology /ETC Products /Investment Services /Global Telecommunication /Aerospace Innovation

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Overview of Procure Space ETF offerings
Global Satellite Communications services, providing critical data and connectivity across various sectors worldwide.
Advanced Imaging and Sensor Technologies for earth observation and planetary sciences.
Manufacturing and Launch Services for deploying satellites and spacecraft efficiently.
Space Exploration and Research Services aiming to extend human presence in space.
Investment in Space Infrastructure to support future space economy and logistics.
Development of Space-Based Navigation and Timing systems for improved global positioning services.