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What does Prime Financial do?
Prime Financial Group (ASX:PFG) is an Australian financial services company providing accounting, business advisory, wealth management, and SMSF services through its offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. PFG's operations are focused on providing a comprehensive range of financial services to its clients, including individuals, businesses, and self-managed superannuation funds.
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How many people does Prime Financial employ?


What sector is Prime Financial in?

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Where is the head office for Prime Financial ?

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Head Office
Victoria, Australia

What year was Prime Financial founded?

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Year Founded
What does Prime Financial specialise in?
/Financials /Advisory services /Accounting /SMSF

What are the products and/or services of Prime Financial ?

Overview of Prime Financial offerings
Accounting and business advisory: provides a range of accounting and business advisory services, including tax planning and preparation, financial reporting, and business consulting.
Wealth management: offers a range of wealth management services, including investment advice, portfolio management, and estate planning.
SMSF services: provides a range of SMSF services, including SMSF establishment and administration, investment advice, and compliance services.

Who is in the executive team of Prime Financial ?

Prime Financial leadership team
  • Mr. Simon  Madder B.Com., B.Comm
    Mr. Simon Madder B.Com., B.Comm
    Chairman, MD & CEO
  • Mr. Timothy  Bennett
    Mr. Timothy Bennett
    MD of Capital & Corporate Advisory and Executive Director
  • Mr. Matthew William Murphy C.A., CPA
    Mr. Matthew William Murphy C.A., CPA
    Executive Director
  • Mr. Peter  Madder
    Mr. Peter Madder
    Co-Founder & Special Adviser
  • Mr. Ben  Priestley
    Mr. Ben Priestley
    Head of Finance
  • Ms. Natalie  Simmons
    Ms. Natalie Simmons
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Richard  Sheehan
    Richard Sheehan
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Mr. Mark Geoffrey Johnson
    Mr. Mark Geoffrey Johnson
    Partner - Wealth