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What does Prenetics Global do?
Prenetics Global (NASDAQ:PRE) is a biotechnology company deeply engaged in revolutionizing the health and wellness industry through personalized diagnostics and genetics testing. With a focus on providing actionable insights for individuals to make informed health decisions, Prenetics operates across multiple sectors including: digital health, precision medicine, and disease prevention. The company's projects range from COVID-19 testing solutions, which gained significant attention during the pandemic, to developing at-home genetic tests that assess risks for certain diseases and conditions. Prenetics aims to democratize access to health data, empowering people globally to take control of their health outcomes with cutting-edge technology and science-backed solutions.
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Where is the head office for Prenetics Global?

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong

What year was Prenetics Global founded?

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What does Prenetics Global specialise in?
/Genetic Testing /Covid-19 Testing /Digital Health /Wellness Solutions /Pharmaceutical Services /Biotech Innovation

What are the products and/or services of Prenetics Global?

Overview of Prenetics Global offerings
CircleDNA - Comprehensive DNA testing kit offering health insights and genetic predispositions.
ACT Genomics - Precision oncology solutions facilitating cancer treatment and medication planning.
Prenetics Ecosystem - Integrated health platform enabling access to digital health services and personalized products.
Project Screen - COVID-19 testing initiative providing PCR tests, rapid antigen tests, and health certifications.
Oxsed - Rapid airport testing technology designed to detect viruses, including COVID-19, for safer travel.

Who is in the executive team of Prenetics Global?

Prenetics Global leadership team
  • Mr. Sheng Wu  Yeung
    Mr. Sheng Wu Yeung
    Co-Founder, Chairperson & CEO
  • Dr. Chi Hung  Tzang Ph.D.
    Dr. Chi Hung Tzang Ph.D.
    Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Officer & Member of Scientific Advisory Board
  • Mr. Hoi Chun  Lo
    Mr. Hoi Chun Lo
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Yung Ho  Wong DPHIL
    Dr. Yung Ho Wong DPHIL
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Ms. Samantha  Kwok
    Ms. Samantha Kwok
    Chief of Staff to Group CEO & Vice President, People & Operations
  • Dr. Senthil  Sundaram M.D.
    Dr. Senthil Sundaram M.D.
    Chief Clinical Officer
  • Mr. Joel  Neoh
    Mr. Joel Neoh
    Chief Consumer Officer & Chief Executive Officer for CircleDNA
  • Mr. Walt  Ling
    Mr. Walt Ling
    Chief Executive Officer of ACT Genomics