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Predictive Oncology (NASDAQ:POAI) focuses on applying artificial intelligence to personalized medicine and drug discovery, primarily targeting cancer treatments. The company operates through leveraging a unique dataset of cancer patient samples, aimed at improving the development of predictive models. These models are designed to enhance the understanding of individual patient responses to different treatments, thereby assisting in the creation of personalized therapies. Predictive Oncology's projects are driven by the goal of reducing the time and cost associated with finding the right treatment for cancer patients, aiming to significantly improve outcomes through tailored therapy solutions. With ongoing collaborations and research initiatives, the company seeks to bring innovative solutions to the forefront of oncology care.
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Health Care

Where is the head office for Predictive Oncology?

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Pittsburgh, United States

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What does Predictive Oncology specialise in?
/Cancer Treatment /Precision Medicine /Data Analytics /AI Technology /Oncology Research /Drug Discovery

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Overview of Predictive Oncology offerings
Helomics leverages a proprietary database of over 150,000 cancer cases to improve drug development and outcomes.
TumorGenesis specializes in creating tumor models that better replicate the patient's original cancer, facilitating personalized treatment approaches.
Skyline Medical produces the STREAMWAY System, designed for automated, direct-to-drain medical fluid disposal, enhancing safety and efficiency in medical facilities.
Soluble Therapeutics offers formulation development services for protein and peptide therapeutics, optimizing their solubility and stability.

Who is in the executive team of Predictive Oncology?

Predictive Oncology leadership team
  • Mr. Raymond F. Vennare
    Mr. Raymond F. Vennare
    CEO & Chairman
  • Mr. Joshua  Blacher M.B.A.
    Mr. Joshua Blacher M.B.A.
    Interim Chief Financial Officer
  • Ms. Theresa  Ferguson
    Ms. Theresa Ferguson
    Senior Director of Marketing
  • Dr. Lawrence J. DeLucas D.Sc, O.D, Ph.D.
    Dr. Lawrence J. DeLucas D.Sc, O.D, Ph.D.
    Senior Vice President of Biologics
  • Dr. Arlette H. Uihlein FCAP, M.D.
    Dr. Arlette H. Uihlein FCAP, M.D.
    Senior VP of Translational Medicine & Drug Discovery and Medical Director