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Poolz Finance (CRYPTO:POOLX) is a decentralized fundraising platform that empowers startups and project owners to raise capital by auctioning their tokens. It is a multi-chain platform supporting Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Celo, and Avalanche. Poolz Finance offers a range of services to project owners, including an IDO launchpad, NFT launchpad, and gaming launchpad. Poolz Finance is renowned for its high-quality projects, transparent launch processes, and early access to new opportunities. Users benefit from carefully curated IDOs, fair and equal launch participation, and a first-mover advantage in investing in pioneering projects. Poolz Finance is committed to building a decentralized and inclusive crypto and blockchain ecosystem where everyone has an equal opportunity to participate.
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London, England

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/Avalanche Ecosystem /Ferrum Network /Launchpad

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Overview of Poolz Finance offerings
Gaming Launchpad: Poolz Finance also provides a platform for project owners to launch their gaming projects. Poolz Finance's gaming launchpad is known for its support for early-stage gaming projects and its focus on community engagement.
Governance: POOLX holders have the right to participate in the governance of the Poolz Finance platform. POOLX holders can vote on proposals to improve the Poolz Finance platform and to allocate resources to different projects.
IDO Launchpad: Poolz Finance provides a platform for project owners to launch their IDOs in a fair and transparent manner. Poolz Finance's IDO launchpad is known for its high-quality projects and its commitment to investor safety.
NFT Launchpad: Poolz Finance also provides a platform for project owners to launch their NFT collections. Poolz Finance's NFT launchpad is known for its innovative features and its wide reach of potential buyers.
Staking: Poolz Finance users can stake their POOLX tokens to earn rewards. Staking helps to secure the Poolz Finance network and provides users with a passive income stream.
Yield Farming: Poolz Finance users can yield farm by providing liquidity to pools on the Poolz Finance platform. Yield farming allows users to earn high returns on their cryptocurrency holdings.