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What does Platina Resources do?
Platina Resources (ASX:PGM) is a gold explorer which seeks to uncover million-ounce deposits in the promising Ashburton Basin and Yilgarn Craton regions of Western Australia. The company also invests in a diverse range of metals throughout the world which helps to fund exploration and minimise share dilution through divesting.
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Perth, Australia

What year was Platina Resources founded?

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What does Platina Resources specialise in?
/Gold /Western Australia /Mining /Ashburton Basin /Yilgarn Craton /Murchison Province

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Overview of Platina Resources offerings
Xanadu Gold Project: Located within the Ashburton Basin of Western Australia, the company’s flagship Xanadu is proximal to the Mt Olympus gold deposit.
Jubilee Gold Project: The company has applied for an exploration permit for Jubilee, located 15km east of Meekatharra in the Murchison Province, Western Australia.
Mt Narryer Gold Project: A joint venture with Chalice Mining, covering 211 sq km within Western Australia's gold-rich Yilgarn Craton.
Brimstone Gold Project: Is an advanced stage exploration project featuring previously drilled broad widths and high-grade gold mineralisation.

Who is in the executive team of Platina Resources?

Platina Resources leadership team
  • Mr. Corey  Nolan B. Com (Bond), B.Com., Graduate, MMEE
    Mr. Corey Nolan B. Com (Bond), B.Com., Graduate, MMEE
    MD & Director
  • Mr. Rohan  Deshpande
    Mr. Rohan Deshpande
    Exploration Manager
  • Mr. Paul Mario Jurman B.Com., CPA, CPA
    Mr. Paul Mario Jurman B.Com., CPA, CPA
    Company Secretary