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What does Pintec Technology do?
Pintec Technology (NASDAQ:PT) specializes in digital financial services, providing cutting-edge solutions that span across lending, wealth management, and robo-advisor services. Operating primarily in China, this fintech player harnesses technology to empower financial institutions and businesses, offering them a suite of optimized financial products and services. Its projects aim at enhancing the accessibility of financial services, utilizing big data, and artificial intelligence to tailor products for consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises. The objective of Pintec Technology is to bridge the gap between traditional financial services and the digital economy, promoting financial inclusion and innovation in the rapidly evolving fintech landscape.
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Where is the head office for Pintec Technology?

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Beijing, China

What year was Pintec Technology founded?

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What does Pintec Technology specialise in?
/Fintech Solutions /Risk Management /Artificial Intelligence /Digital Lending /Wealth Management /Insurance Brokerage

What are the products and/or services of Pintec Technology?

Overview of Pintec Technology offerings
Digital lending solutions, enabling banks and non-financial institutions to offer loans through an intelligent, efficient platform.
Wealth management technology, offering robo-advisory and digital brokerage tools to improve investment processes.
Point of sale financing solutions, providing merchants and e-commerce platforms with integrated financing options for consumers.
SME financing solutions, designed to offer small and medium enterprises quick and easy access to credit through advanced algorithms.
Insurance technology, leveraging big data and AI to optimize insurance product matching, pricing, and claims processing.
Credit scoring and decisioning systems, utilizing artificial intelligence to provide accurate credit assessments for financial institutions.

Who is in the executive team of Pintec Technology?

Pintec Technology leadership team
  • Mr. Zexiong  Huang
    Mr. Zexiong Huang
    CEO & Director
  • Mr. Xin  Yang
    Mr. Xin Yang
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Joyce  Tang
    Joyce Tang
    Investor Relations
  • Ms. Jing  Zhou
    Ms. Jing Zhou
  • Mr. Chen  Bingqing
    Mr. Chen Bingqing
    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Ms. Hefei  Xu
    Ms. Hefei Xu
    Chief Risk Officer