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What does Phoenix Motor do?
Phoenix Motor (NASDAQ:PEV) specializes in electric vehicles, focusing on creating environmentally friendly and innovative transportation solutions. This company's projects range from electric cars and buses to advanced battery systems, aiming to decrease carbon footprints and promote sustainable urban mobility. Phoenix Motor's objectives include expanding their market reach, enhancing product efficiency, and contributing positively to the global shift towards green transportation. Through research, collaboration, and development, they are committed to carving out a significant space in the electric vehicle industry, addressing the urgent need for cleaner, more sustainable transport options.
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How many people does Phoenix Motor employ?


What sector is Phoenix Motor in?

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Consumer Discretionary

Where is the head office for Phoenix Motor ?

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Head Office
Anaheim, United States

What year was Phoenix Motor founded?

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Year Founded
What does Phoenix Motor specialise in?
/Automobile Manufacturing /Vehicle Sales /Auto Parts /Vehicle Servicing /Innovation Research /Sustainability Projects

What are the products and/or services of Phoenix Motor ?

Overview of Phoenix Motor offerings
Electric delivery vehicles, catering to needs of logistics and delivery services.
Passenger electric vehicles, focusing on eco-friendly personal transportation.
Vehicle leasing and rental services, providing flexible options to consumers and businesses.
After-sales services, including maintenance and repair for electric vehicles.
Battery swapping stations, ensuring longer range and convenience for EV users.
Collaborations with local governments for the development of EV infrastructure.

Who is in the executive team of Phoenix Motor ?

Phoenix Motor leadership team
  • Mr. Xiaofeng  Peng
    Mr. Xiaofeng Peng
    CEO & Chairman of the Board
  • Mr. J. Mark Hastings
    Mr. J. Mark Hastings
    Chief Investment Officer, Company Secretary & CFO
  • Mr. Lewis  Liu
    Mr. Lewis Liu
    Senior Vice President of Operations
  • Dr. Frank  Lee
    Dr. Frank Lee
    Chief Technology Officer & VP of Engineering
  • Mr. Jose Paul Plackal
    Mr. Jose Paul Plackal
    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Dr. Bo  Yang
    Dr. Bo Yang
    Head of Research & Development of Hydrogen Business
  • Mike  Finnern
    Mike Finnern
    General Manager of Transit
  • Lauren Cochran Scoville
    Lauren Cochran Scoville
    Vice President of Transit Sales