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What does PB Bankshares do?
PB Bankshares (NASDAQ:PBBK) is a financial institution dedicated to providing a broad range of financial services to its community. With an emphasis on personal banking, commercial banking, and mortgage services, PB Bankshares actively works to support the financial needs of individuals and businesses alike. Central to its operations are projects that aim to enhance digital banking capabilities, ensuring customers have access to safe, efficient, and innovative banking solutions. The company's objectives are centered around sustainable growth, customer satisfaction, and community engagement, striving to build a reputation as a trusted financial partner within the communities it serves. Through a commitment to these areas, PB Bankshares endeavors to achieve long-term success while maintaining its core values of integrity, service, and community support.
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What sector is PB Bankshares in?

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Where is the head office for PB Bankshares?

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Pennsylvania, United States

What year was PB Bankshares founded?

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What does PB Bankshares specialise in?
/Financial Services /Asset Management /Retail Banking /Commercial Lending /Trust Services /Investment Services

What are the products and/or services of PB Bankshares?

Overview of PB Bankshares offerings
Commercial Banking Services offering loans, deposit accounts, and treasury management for businesses.
Retail Banking including personal checking, savings accounts, mortgages, and consumer loans.
Online Banking Platforms providing 24/7 account access, bill pay, and mobile deposit functionalities.
Wealth Management Services offering investment advice, retirement planning, and wealth preservation strategies.
Commercial Real Estate Financing providing solutions for purchasing, refinancing, or developing real estate projects.
Small Business Solutions tailored to support growth, including lines of credit, SBA loans, and merchant services.

Who is in the executive team of PB Bankshares?

PB Bankshares leadership team
  • Mr. Janak M. Amin
    Mr. Janak M. Amin
    President, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Larry W. Witt
    Mr. Larry W. Witt
    Executive VP and Chief Information & Operating Officer
  • Mr. Douglas L. Byers
    Mr. Douglas L. Byers
    Executive VP & Chief Banking Officer
  • Ms. Lindsay S. Bixler CPA
    Ms. Lindsay S. Bixler CPA
    Executive VP & Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. William H. Sayre
    Mr. William H. Sayre
    Chief Credit & Chief Risk Officer and Executive VP
  • Mackenzie  Jackson
    Mackenzie Jackson
    Corporate Secretary