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PayPal USD (CRYPTO:PYUSD) is a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, issued and managed by PayPal. It's backed by a diverse asset basket, ensuring stability. PYUSD operations involve purchase, sale, and storage in a PayPal account, with features like instant settlement, low fees, and global reach. Ongoing PayPal projects focus on platform enhancement, community building, and partnerships, aiming to provide a stable, accessible cryptocurrency for storage and transfers while promoting wider cryptocurrency adoption. PYUSD, backed by PayPal, offers ease of use and reliability, making it a promising choice for those seeking a stable and dependable cryptocurrency.
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San Jose, CA

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/Asset-Backed Stablecoin /Stablecoin /USD Stablecoin

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Checkout with PYUSD: PYUSD can be used to checkout at millions of online merchants around the world.
Global reach: PYUSD can be used to send and receive payments to and from users in over 200 countries and regions.
Instant settlement: PYUSD transactions settle instantly, which means that users can receive and send funds immediately.
Low fees: PayPal charges low fees for PYUSD transactions, making it an affordable way to send and receive payments.
Purchase, sell, and hold PYUSD in a PayPal account: PYUSD can be purchased, sold, and held in a PayPal account, just like any other currency.
Send and receive PYUSD from friends and family: PYUSD can be sent and received from friends and family members who have PayPal accounts.