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Pan Asia Metals (ASX:PAM) is a lithium exploration company with a focus on Southeast Asia. The company's flagship project is the RK Lithium Project in Thailand, which is the only lithium project in Southeast Asia with a JORC Mineral Resource. Pan Asia Metals is also developing the Tama Atacama Lithium Project in Chile and the KT Lithium Project in Thailand. The company is well-positioned to achieve this objective, with its close proximity to the world's largest EV and LIB markets and its strong partnerships with key chemical and battery manufacturers.
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Singapore, Singapore

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/Lithium /Exploration /Battery metals /Thailand /Chile /South America /Resources

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Overview of Pan Asia Metals offerings
RK Lithium Project (Thailand): The RK Lithium Project is the only lithium project in Southeast Asia with a JORC Mineral Resource and is undergoing feasibility studies.
Tama Atacama Lithium Project (Chile): The Tama Atacama Lithium Project is one of the most strategically placed lithium brine projects in South America.
KT Lithium Project (Thailand): The KT Lithium Project positions Pan Asia Metals to potentially expand on its lithium Mineral Resources and produce lithium with a low to zero carbon footprint.

Who is in the executive team of Pan Asia Metals?

Pan Asia Metals leadership team
  • Mr. Paul David Lock
    Mr. Paul David Lock
    Executive Chairman & MD
  • Mr. David John Hobby
    Mr. David John Hobby
    Technical Director, Chief Geologist & Executive Director
  • Ms. Nor Hafiza Binte Alwi
    Ms. Nor Hafiza Binte Alwi
    Company Secretary
  • Ms. Elissa  Hansen
    Ms. Elissa Hansen
    Company Secretary