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PAID Network (CRYPTO:PAID) is a comprehensive business toolkit designed to streamline and simplify business transactions, replacing traditional legal contracts with simplified, attorney-free SMART Agreements. Its core services include escrow, insurance, dispute arbitration, and resolution, ensuring secure and transparent transactions. PAID Network's mission is to revolutionize the business landscape by empowering businesses of all sizes to conduct transactions efficiently and cost-effectively without the need for legal counsel. It aims to become the industry standard for business agreements, fostering a thriving ecosystem where businesses can operate with confidence and ease. PAID Network's objective is to create a future where businesses can seamlessly manage their legal and financial needs through a single, user-friendly platform. It envisions a world where SMART Agreements become the norm, eliminating the complexities and expenses associated with traditional legal contracts.
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Surat Tani, Thailand

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/Launchpad /Polkadot /Polkadot Ecosystem /Polkastarter

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Overview of PAID Network offerings
Dispute Arbitration and Resolution: PAID Network facilitates dispute arbitration and resolution services, providing a neutral and cost-effective alternative to traditional legal proceedings.
Escrow Services: PAID Network provides secure escrow services to hold funds or assets during transactions, ensuring that all parties fulfill their obligations before the funds or assets are released.
Insurance Protection: PAID Network offers insurance protection for transactions, safeguarding businesses from potential losses resulting from fraud, breach of contract, or other unforeseen events.
PAID Marketplace: PAID Network operates a marketplace where users can buy and sell goods and services, seamlessly integrated with its suite of legal and financial services.
Reputation Scoring and DID (Decentralized Identifier): PAID Network assigns reputation scores to users based on their transaction history, providing a reliable assessment of their trustworthiness. Additionally, it issues DIDs, which enable secure and verifiable digital identities for businesses.
SMART Agreements: PAID Network enables businesses to create and execute legally binding SMART Agreements, which are self-executing contracts that automatically enforce the terms agreed upon by the parties involved.