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What does Oriental Culture Holding Ltd do?
Oriental Culture Holding (NASDAQ:OCG) is an innovative platform specializing in trading collectibles and artwork through online channels. Based in Asia, the company leverages technology to facilitate the purchase, sale, investment, and exchange of a wide range of cultural and artistic goods, aiming to bridge traditional culture with the digital world. Oriental Culture Holding strives to expand its user base and enhance customer experience by continuously improving its online platform, ensuring secure, efficient, and user-friendly transactions. The company’s objectives focus on fostering a vibrant online community of collectors and art enthusiasts, while also exploring new opportunities for growth in the digital culture space.
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Communication Services

Where is the head office for Oriental Culture Holding Ltd?

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong

What year was Oriental Culture Holding Ltd founded?

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What does Oriental Culture Holding Ltd specialise in?
/Online Collectibles /Auction Services /Artwork Trading /Cultural Exchange /Precious Metals /Online Retail

What are the products and/or services of Oriental Culture Holding Ltd?

Overview of Oriental Culture Holding Ltd offerings
Online trading platform service for a wide range of cultural products and artwork, facilitating secure and efficient transactions between buyers and sellers.
NFT (Non-Fungible Token) trading services, offering a digital marketplace for the secure buying, selling, and trading of NFTs representing cultural artworks and collectibles.
Artwork and cultural product authentication and valuation services, providing expert assessments to ensure the authenticity and accurately determine the value of cultural items.
Online live streaming auction services, enabling real-time bidding on cultural products and artworks, enhancing the auction experience with interactive elements.
Cultural exchange platform, fostering cross-cultural communication and learning by connecting users interested in various cultural activities, arts, and educational content.
Logistics and warehousing solutions tailored for the safe storage and transportation of cultural artworks and collectibles, ensuring their protection throughout the trading process.

Who is in the executive team of Oriental Culture Holding Ltd?

Oriental Culture Holding Ltd leadership team
  • Mr. Yi  Shao
    Mr. Yi Shao
    CEO & Director
  • Ms. Lijuan  Ding
    Ms. Lijuan Ding
    Chief Financial Officer