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Ordinals (CRYPTO:ORDI) a novel protocol, allows users to inscribe text and data onto individual satoshis, Bitcoin's smallest units. Launched in January 2023, it's garnered significant attention in the Bitcoin community. The process involves using "Ordinal transactions" to record data on the Bitcoin blockchain. These transactions are similar to regular Bitcoin transactions but include a data field for text, images, or code. Once confirmed, the data becomes permanently stored on the immutable Bitcoin blockchain. Although still in development, Ordinals has inspired various projects, including NFT marketplaces for Ordinal NFTs, games utilizing Ordinal inscriptions, and data storage on the Bitcoin blockchain. Ordinals aims to expand Bitcoin's capabilities, create a new type of NFT, facilitate innovative applications like Ordinal games and data storage, and enhance Bitcoin's accessibility and utility. With an enthusiastic team and ongoing developments, Ordinals is a promising project set to shape Bitcoin's future.
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Ordinal data storage: Ordinals can be used to store data on the Bitcoin blockchain. This data could be anything from personal documents to historical records.
Ordinal games: Ordinal games are games that are played using Ordinal inscriptions.
Ordinal metadata: Ordinal metadata is a way to add additional information to Ordinal inscriptions. For example, Ordinal metadata can be used to specify the creator of an inscription or the copyright information for an image.
Ordinal NFT marketplaces: Ordinal NFT marketplaces allow users to buy, sell, and trade Ordinal NFTs.
Ordinal scripting: Ordinal scripting is a way to add logic to Ordinal inscriptions. For example, Ordinal scripting can be used to create Ordinal games or to implement Ordinal data storage.
Ordinal wallets: Ordinal wallets are wallets that support Ordinal inscriptions. Ordinal wallets allow users to send and receive Ordinal inscriptions, as well as view their Ordinal inscription balances.