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What does Orcoda do?
Orcoda (ASX:ODA) is a SaaS provider of operations, projects, and objectives management software. The company's flagship product, Orcoda Work Management, is a cloud-based platform that helps organisations of all sizes to plan, execute, and track their work more effectively. Orcoda's products are used by a wide range of customers, including government agencies, educational institutions, and businesses in a variety of industries.
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What sector is Orcoda in?

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Information Technology

Where is the head office for Orcoda?

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Queensland, Australia

What year was Orcoda founded?

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What does Orcoda specialise in?
/Fleet management software /SaaS /Logistics software /Transport software /Organisational software /Technology /Tracking software

What are the products and/or services of Orcoda?

Overview of Orcoda offerings
Orcoda Logistics Management System: Offers technical solutions for transport operations, ensuring enhanced visibility and streamlined supply chain logistics.
Orcoda Workforce Logistics System: A comprehensive governance and compliance platform safeguarding board and executives by efficiently overseeing remote workforces.
Orcoda GOo: An in-vehicle app for waste collection services, school buses, and private security transport. It integrates with the ORCODA Logistics Management System, ensuring comprehensive fleet management, staff oversight, and route monitoring.
Orcoda Connect: integrates data from multiple manufacturers, facilitating diverse vehicle usage within your fleet. Provides a real-time view of the vehicle-pooling fleet with customisable metrics to streamline decision-making.

Who is in the executive team of Orcoda?

Orcoda leadership team
  • Mr. Geoffrey  Jamieson
    Mr. Geoffrey Jamieson
    MD & Executive Director
  • Mr. Samuel  Yue
    Mr. Samuel Yue
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Simon  Anthonisz
    Mr. Simon Anthonisz
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Jesse  Drummond
    Jesse Drummond
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Mr. Rick  Polzi
    Mr. Rick Polzi
    Managing Director of Future Fleet
  • Ms. Krisztina  Szabo-Rohonczi
    Ms. Krisztina Szabo-Rohonczi
    Financial Controller
  • Mr. John  Lemon
    Mr. John Lemon
    Company Secretary