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Ora Gold (ASX:OAU) is a mineral exploration and development company with significant holdings in the productive Murchison goldfield near Meekatharra, Western Australia. Its strategy focuses on efficient operations, value generation for shareholders, and strategic expansion through targeted exploration and acquisitions.
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Nedlands, Western Australia

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/Mineral /Exploration /Gold /Mining /Resources /Western Australia

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Overview of Ora Gold offerings
Garden Gully Gold Project: spans 677 km2 across the Abbots Greenstone Belt , a promising geological region. This belt consists of deformed Archean-age mafic, ultramafic, and felsic volcaniclastic rocks, offering potential for gold and base metal deposits.
Resource development at Abbotts Gold Project, combining historical findings with modern extraction technology.
Acquisition and development of Crown Prince Gold Project with potential for significant gold deposits.
Exploration of Baltic region projects targeting gold and copper deposits, focusing on large-scale exploration potential.
Partnerships with local communities and landholders to ensure sustainable operations and development.
Environmental and safety management systems designed to maintain regulatory compliance and reduce environmental impact.

Who is in the executive team of Ora Gold?

Ora Gold leadership team
  • Mr. Alexander Ross Passmore B.Sc.
    Mr. Alexander Ross Passmore B.Sc.
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Frank  DeMarte BBus(Acct), FAICD, FCIS, FCSA, FGIA
    Mr. Frank DeMarte BBus(Acct), FAICD, FCIS, FCSA, FGIA
    CFO, Company Secretary & Executive Director
  • Mr. Costica  Vieru
    Mr. Costica Vieru
    Chief Geologist