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What does Optex Systems do?
Optex Systems (NASDAQ:OPXS) specializes in manufacturing high-quality optical sighting systems and assemblies primarily for Department of Defense (DoD) applications. With a strong focus on periscopes, sighting systems, and other optical components, the company caters to the defense sector, ensuring that military vehicles, ships, and personnel are equipped with reliable and advanced viewing capabilities. Optex Systems aims to enhance the safety and effectiveness of military operations through continuous innovation and by adhering to stringent quality standards. Its objective is to expand its product lines and market reach while maintaining the trust and confidence of its primary customer, the U.S. military, through delivering exceptional value and performance in all its projects.
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Where is the head office for Optex Systems ?

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Richardson, United States

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What does Optex Systems specialise in?
/Optical Assemblies /Periscopes Manufacturing /Sighting Systems /Fire Control Systems /Military Equipment /Defense Products

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Overview of Optex Systems offerings
Periscopes customized for armored vehicles, providing enhanced safety and operational efficiency.
Sighting systems offering precision targeting for military and defense applications.
Digital and electronic periscopes featuring advanced optics and imaging technology.
Vehicle vision enhancers, including thermal imaging and laser protection systems.
Optical assemblies and components for aerospace, defense, and commercial sectors.
Handheld and machine-mounted laser rangefinders for precise distance measurement.

Who is in the executive team of Optex Systems ?

Optex Systems leadership team
  • Mr. Danny R. Schoening
    Mr. Danny R. Schoening
    CEO, COO & Chairman of the Board
  • Ms. Karen L. Hawkins
    Ms. Karen L. Hawkins
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Billy  Bates
    Mr. Billy Bates
    General Manager of Applied Optics Center