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OneAscent Core Plus Bond ETF (NYSE:AUBN) specializes in providing investors access to a diversified portfolio of bonds, focusing on delivering sustainable income and growth opportunities. Currently, AUBN is traded exclusively on the NYSE Arca, signifying its primary reach and visibility within the United States market. The company's operations revolve around leveraging strategic bond investments to achieve balance and resilience, catering to those seeking stable yet progressive financial growth avenues. Projects and objectives are centered on identifying and capitalizing on bond market trends, with a keen eye on long-term wealth preservation and accumulation strategies. Through diligent market analysis and a commitment to ethical investment criteria, OneAscent Core Plus Bond ETF aims to meet the varying needs of its investor base, fostering financial stability and growth within a framework of responsible investing.
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Birmingham, United States

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/Investment Fund /Core Plus /Bond ETF /Asset Management /Financial Services /Risk Diversification

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Overview of OneAscent Core Plus Bond ETF offerings
Income Generation: OACP invests in investment-grade corporate bonds, which are debt securities issued by U.S. companies with relatively high creditworthiness. These bonds typically offer regular interest payments to investors, providing a potential source of income.
Potential for Capital Appreciation: While the focus is on income generation, there's also the possibility of capital appreciation. If the market value of the underlying bonds held by OACP increases, the ETF's share price could rise as well.
Active Management: Unlike passively managed index funds, OACP is actively managed by a team of investment professionals. These managers select bonds based on their research and judgement, aiming to maximize returns while managing risk.
Daily Liquidity: OACP trades on the NYSE Arca exchange, offering investors the ability to easily buy and sell shares on a daily basis during market hours. This provides liquidity for investors who may need to access their capital quickly.
Transparency: The holdings and performance of OACP are publicly available. Investors can find information about the specific bonds held by the ETF, their weightings within the portfolio, and the fund's historical performance data.
Cost-Effective Access to Diversified Portfolio: ETFs generally have lower expense ratios compared to actively managed mutual funds. OACP offers a potentially cost-effective way to gain exposure to a diversified portfolio of investment-grade corporate bonds.