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What does Omni Bridgeway do?
Omni Bridgeway (ASX:OBL) is a global litigation finance company. The company provides funding to parties involved in commercial disputes, including arbitration, litigation, and enforcement proceedings. Omni Bridgeway has a track record of success in funding a wide range of disputes, including class actions, shareholder disputes, and intellectual property disputes.
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Where is the head office for Omni Bridgeway?

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Sydney, Australia

What year was Omni Bridgeway founded?

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What does Omni Bridgeway specialise in?
/Legal /Law /Advice /Consulting /Trade finance /Insurance

What are the products and/or services of Omni Bridgeway?

Overview of Omni Bridgeway offerings
Trade finance: Omni Bridgeway provides a range of trade finance solutions to help businesses import and export goods and services. The company's trade finance solutions include letter of credit financing, invoice discounting, and supply chain financing.
Working capital solutions: Omni Bridgeway provides a range of working capital solutions to help businesses meet their short-term cash flow needs. The company's working capital solutions include asset-based lending, debtor finance, and inventory finance.
Asset finance: Omni Bridgeway provides a range of asset finance solutions to help businesses purchase and finance essential assets. The company's asset finance solutions include equipment finance, vehicle finance, and property finance.
Structured finance: Omni Bridgeway provides structured finance solutions to help businesses finance complex projects and transactions. The company's structured finance solutions include project finance, acquisition finance, and turnaround finance.
Trade credit insurance: Omni Bridgeway provides trade credit insurance to help businesses protect themselves against the risk of customer default. The company's trade credit insurance solutions include export credit insurance and domestic credit insurance.
Risk management solutions: Omni Bridgeway provides a range of risk management solutions to help businesses identify, assess, and manage their risks. The company's risk management solutions include political risk insurance, credit risk insurance, and market risk insurance.

Who is in the executive team of Omni Bridgeway?

Omni Bridgeway leadership team
  • Mr. Raymond  van Hulst
    Mr. Raymond van Hulst
    MD, CEO
  • Mr. Guillaume  Leger
    Mr. Guillaume Leger
    Group Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Jeremy Thomas Sambrook
    Mr. Jeremy Thomas Sambrook
    Group General Counsel & Company Secretary
  • Mr. Clive Norman Bowman
    Mr. Clive Norman Bowman
    Global Chief Investment Officer
  • Ms. Melanie  Buffier
    Ms. Melanie Buffier
    Global Head of Investor Relations
  • Ms. Siobhan  Hannon
    Ms. Siobhan Hannon
    Global Head of Compliance & Risk
  • Mr. Steven  Savage
    Mr. Steven Savage
    Senior Manager of Marketing & Communications
  • Ian  Munro
    Ian Munro
    Global Head of People & Culture