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OM Holdings (ASX:OMH) is a vertically integrated manganese ore and ferroalloy company. It is engaged in the business of trading raw ores, as well as the smelting and marketing of processed ferroalloys. With an established history of over 20 years in the industry, OM Holdings captures value across the entire process chain through operations in Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and South Africa. OM Holdings is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of manganese ores and ferroalloys, and seeks to be the main ferroalloy supply partner to major steel mills and other industries.
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Singapore, Singapore

What year was OM founded?

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What does OM specialise in?
/Manganese /South Africa /Northern Territory /Smelting /Ferroalloy /Industrial /Materials

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Overview of OM offerings
Manganese ore trading: OM Holdings trades a range of manganese ores, including high-grade manganese ore, battery-grade manganese ore, and manganese sinter.
Ferroalloy smelting: OM Holdings operates a number of smelters that produce a range of ferroalloys, including high-carbon ferromanganese, medium-carbon ferromanganese, and low-carbon ferromanganese.
Marketing of manganese ore and ferroalloys: OM Holdings markets its manganese ore and ferroalloys to a range of customers, including steel mills, foundries, and other industrial users.
Development of Bootu Creek Manganese Mine expansion: OM Holdings is expanding its Bootu Creek Manganese Mine in Australia to increase production of high-grade manganese ore.
Development of Sarawak Smelter Complex: OM Holdings is developing a new smelter complex in Sarawak, Malaysia to produce high-carbon ferromanganese.
Provision of logistics services: OM Holdings provides a range of logistics services, including warehousing, transportation, and distribution, to support its mining, smelting, and marketing operations.

Who is in the executive team of OM?

OM leadership team
  • Mr. Ngee Tong  Low BEng (Mech)
    Mr. Ngee Tong Low BEng (Mech)
    Executive Chairman & CEO
  • Ms. Julie Anne  Wolseley B.Com., C.A., MAICD
    Ms. Julie Anne Wolseley B.Com., C.A., MAICD
    Joint Company Secretary & Non-Executive Director
  • Teck Thye  Tan
    Teck Thye Tan
    Group Financial Controller
  • Ms. Jenny  Voon
    Ms. Jenny Voon
    Investor Relations Officer
  • Ms. Siow Kwee  Heng
    Ms. Siow Kwee Heng
    Joint Company Secretary & Group HR Director
  • Don  Heng
    Don Heng
    Managing Director of OMML
  • Chen Xiao Dong
    Chen Xiao Dong
    Managing Director of OM Sarawak
  • Adrian  Low
    Adrian Low
    Managing Director of OMS