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Olympio Metals (ASX:OLY) is an Australian exploration company on a mission to unlock the potential of critical minerals for a sustainable future. Olympio has assembled a portfolio of high quality projects in Australia and Canada. In Canada, the Company has acquired the advanced Cadillac Lithium project in the James Bay region of Quebec. In Australia, Olympio is focussed on exploring for carbonatite hosted rare earths in South Australia, lithium near Kalgoorlie in Western Australia and gold in the eastern Kimberley region of Western Australia.
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Perth, Australia

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/Metal Trading /Scrap Recycling /Metal Processing /Industrial Services /Environmental Management /Sustainability Projects

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Overview of Olympio Metals offerings
Cadillac Lithium Project (Quebec, Canada): Flagship project, aiming to be a large-scale, low-cost lithium spodumene mine. Currently undergoing feasibility studies and resource definition drilling.
Eurelia Project (South Australia): Nobium and rare earth element (REE) carbonatite exploration. Exploration currently focused on resource definition and potential mine development.
Halls Creek Project (Western Australia): Early-stage exploration project targeting gold and other commodities, including lithium. Initial exploration activities underway.
Mulwarrie Project (Western Australia): Early-stage exploration project targeting lithium with gold potential. Further geological mapping and data acquisition planned.

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Olympio Metals leadership team
  • Mr. John Gerard Delaney B.Comm CPA, MBA
    Mr. John Gerard Delaney B.Comm CPA, MBA
    MD & Director
  • Mr. Peter  Gray
    Mr. Peter Gray
    Corporate Secretary