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Ohmyhome (NASDAQ:OMH) is a dynamic company revolutionizing the real estate landscape through innovative technology-based solutions. Focused on simplifying property transactions, Ohmyhome operates a comprehensive platform that facilitates buying, selling, and renting homes with unprecedented ease and efficiency. The company's projects range from mobile applications that connect buyers and sellers directly, to providing full-suite agency services that include financial planning and legal conveyancing. Ohmyhome's objectives are centered around removing the complexities of property transactions, making it quicker, cheaper, and more reliable for everyone involved. Through constant innovation and a customer-first approach, Ohmyhome aims to expand its footprint, delivering its unique blend of real estate services to more markets globally.
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Real Estate

Where is the head office for Ohmyhome Limited Ordinary Shares?

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Singapore, Singapore

What year was Ohmyhome Limited Ordinary Shares founded?

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What does Ohmyhome Limited Ordinary Shares specialise in?
/Real Estate Platform /Home Transactions /Property Listings /Rental Services /Home Services /Home Mortgages

What are the products and/or services of Ohmyhome Limited Ordinary Shares?

Overview of Ohmyhome Limited Ordinary Shares offerings
DIY platform facilitating direct buyer-to-seller transactions, reducing need for agents.
Comprehensive real estate services including property sales, purchasing, and rental assistance.
Cross-border property transactions support, easing international buying and selling.
Home renovation services, offering packages for upgrading and personalizing spaces.
Mortgage advisory, providing financial guidance and loan assistance.
Property management services for hassle-free upkeep of investment properties.

Who is in the executive team of Ohmyhome Limited Ordinary Shares?

Ohmyhome Limited Ordinary Shares leadership team
  • Ms. Wan Chew Wong
    Ms. Wan Chew Wong
    CEO & Director
  • Ms. Wan Pei Wong
    Ms. Wan Pei Wong
    COO & Director