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What does Ocwen Financial do?
Ocwen Financial (NYSE:OCN) specializes in residential and commercial mortgage loan servicing, asset management, and mortgage lending. Through its innovative and strategic methodologies, Ocwen aims to bring positive change to the mortgage industry, focusing on customer service, loss mitigation, and operational excellence. Their breadth of services encompasses everything from collecting mortgage payments to managing delinquent loans and executing foreclosure processes, all while aiming to provide solutions that benefit both investors and homeowners. The company's mission is centered on forging a path towards financial stability for its customers, ensuring they have access to necessary resources for maintaining home ownership. Ocwen's commitment to reinventing the loan servicing sector drives its projects and objectives, as it seeks to enhance the mortgage servicing landscape for a more sustainable future.
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Financial Services

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West Palm Beach, United States

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What does Ocwen Financial specialise in?
/Mortgage Servicing /Loan Origination /Commercial Servicing /Residential Solutions /Reverse Mortgages /Loan Modification

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Overview of Ocwen Financial offerings
Residential mortgage servicing for banks and investors, managing homeowner loan accounts and financial obligations.
Commercial mortgage servicing, including loan administration and real estate services for commercial properties.
Mortgage loan origination service, helping clients to apply for and secure new home loans.
Reverse mortgage services, offering solutions for seniors to access equity in their homes.
Real estate owned (REO) management services, managing and disposing of properties owned by banks or investors.
Loan modification programs, providing solutions for homeowners to avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes.