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What does Oceania Healthcare do?
Oceania Healthcare (ASX:OCA) is a New Zealand-based provider of premium healthcare services. The company operates a network of over 40 aged care facilities across New Zealand, providing a range of services including residential care, retirement villages, home care, hospital care, and specialist medical services. Oceania Healthcare also has a research and development arm that is focused on developing new and innovative healthcare solutions. Oceania Healthcare's current projects include the expansion of its network of aged care facilities, the development of new healthcare services, and the investment in new technologies. The company's objectives are to become the leading provider of healthcare services in New Zealand and to provide its residents and patients with the highest quality care possible.
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What sector is Oceania Healthcare in?

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Health Care

Where is the head office for Oceania Healthcare?

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Head Office
Auckland, New Zealand

What year was Oceania Healthcare founded?

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What does Oceania Healthcare specialise in?
/Aged Care /Healthcare /Hospitals /Medical /Services /Medicine /Retirement

What are the products and/or services of Oceania Healthcare?

Overview of Oceania Healthcare offerings
Residential aged care: Oceania Healthcare provides residential aged care for older adults who need assistance with their daily living activities.
Retirement villages: Oceania Healthcare operates retirement villages that offer a range of services and amenities to residents, including independent living, assisted living, and dementia care.
Home care: Oceania Healthcare provides home care services to people who need assistance with their daily living activities in their own homes.
Hospital care: Oceania Healthcare operates hospitals that provide a range of acute and subacute care services.
Specialist medical services: Oceania Healthcare provides a range of specialist medical services, such as geriatric medicine, rehabilitation medicine, and dementia care.
Research and development: Oceania Healthcare has a research and development arm that is focused on developing new and innovative healthcare solutions.

Who is in the executive team of Oceania Healthcare?

Oceania Healthcare leadership team
  • Mr. Brent  Pattison BBS, C.A.
    Mr. Brent Pattison BBS, C.A.
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Ms. Kathryn  Waugh
    Ms. Kathryn Waugh
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Ms. Claire  Fisher
    Ms. Claire Fisher
    Group General Counsel & Company Secretary
  • Anita  Hawthorne B.Com., C.A.
    Anita Hawthorne B.Com., C.A.
    Group General Manager of Sales & Services
  • Ms. Tracey  Taylor
    Ms. Tracey Taylor
    Chief People Officer
  • Eli  Parkin
    Eli Parkin
    Head of Development