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Ocean Protocol (CRYPTO:OCEAN) is a decentralized data marketplace that enables data buyers and sellers to securely and transparently exchange data assets. Ocean Protocol is built on the Ethereum blockchain and uses a variety of cryptographic techniques to protect the privacy and security of data transactions. Ocean Protocol's operations are focused on developing and maintaining the Ocean Protocol protocol and ecosystem, and on promoting the adoption of Ocean Protocol by businesses and organizations around the world. The Ocean Protocol team is working on a number of projects, including developing new Ocean Protocol-based applications and tools, integrating Ocean Protocol with other blockchains and ecosystems, and building a community of Ocean Protocol users and developers. Ocean Protocol's objectives are to make data more accessible and valuable for everyone, and to promote the development of a data-driven economy. The Ocean Protocol team believes that Ocean Protocol can play a major role in achieving these objectives by providing a secure and transparent platform for data exchange.
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/AI & Big Data /DAO /DCG Portfolio /DeFi /Distributed Computing /Fabric Ventures Portfolio /Filesharing /Generative AI /Injective Ecosystem /Platform /Polygon Ecosystem /Storage /Substrate /Web3

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Overview of Ocean Protocol offerings
Data computation: Ocean Protocol allows data buyers to perform computations on data assets without having to download the data. This can be useful for data analysis and machine learning tasks.
Data discovery: Ocean Protocol provides a marketplace where data buyers can search for and discover data assets. The marketplace includes a variety of data assets from a variety of data providers.
Data governance: Ocean Protocol provides a variety of governance tools that allow data owners to control who can access and use their data.
Data monetization: Ocean Protocol allows data owners to monetize their data by selling data tokens or by providing data computation services.
Data tokenization: Ocean Protocol allows data owners to tokenize their data, which makes it easier to share and sell. Data tokens are ERC-20 tokens that represent a specific data asset.
Secure data exchange: Ocean Protocol allows data buyers and sellers to exchange data assets in a secure and transparent manner. The platform uses a variety of cryptographic techniques to protect the privacy and security of data transactions.