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What does Oak Woods Acquisition do?
Oak Woods Acquisition (NASDAQ:OAKU) is a company dedicated to seeking and merging with businesses, focusing on growth and innovation across various sectors. The firm is committed to identifying potential acquisition targets that have a strong potential for added value, aiming to create a robust portfolio that reflects dynamic market trends and opportunities for investors. Oak Woods Acquisition's strategic objectives revolve around leveraging its expertise and resources to facilitate successful mergers and partnerships, driving forward the growth and development of the companies under its umbrella. The company operates with a keen eye on emerging markets and technological advancements, positioning itself as a catalyst for transformative growth in the industries it engages with.
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Where is the head office for Oak Woods Acquisition ?

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Ottawa, Canada

What year was Oak Woods Acquisition founded?

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What does Oak Woods Acquisition specialise in?
/Special Purpose /Acquisition Company /Capital Raising /Business Merger /Public Trading /Investment Projects

What are the products and/or services of Oak Woods Acquisition ?

Overview of Oak Woods Acquisition offerings
Market Research & Target Identification: OAKU's management team might conduct research to identify promising industries or sectors for their acquisition.
Evaluation & Due Diligence: Once potential targets are identified, OAKU might perform some initial due diligence to assess their viability. However, this wouldn't be as extensive as the due diligence before a final merger agreement.
Negotiation (Preliminary): There might be preliminary discussions or negotiations with potential targets to gauge interest and explore possibilities.
Merger Facilitation: If a suitable target is found, OAKU would be heavily involved in facilitating the legal and logistical aspects of the merger process.
Public Offering (Indirect): By taking a private company public through a merger, OAKU indirectly contributes to the public offering of the acquired company's products or services.
Post-Merger Support (Limited): In rare cases, there could be some limited post-merger support offered to the newly public company, but this wouldn't be their core function.

Who is in the executive team of Oak Woods Acquisition ?

Oak Woods Acquisition leadership team
  • Mr. Lixin  Zheng
    Mr. Lixin Zheng
    Chairman, CEO & CFO