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Number Protocol (CRYPTO:NUM) is an open and decentralized network that focuses on ensuring provenance for all types of creative works created by humans and AI. Their objective is to address the challenges of trust, ownership, and authenticity in the digital content landscape. By leveraging low-cost digital provenance infrastructure and decentralized storage, Number Protocol offers content verification to AI-driven companies and creativity tools. They aim to increase trust in digital content, foster innovative ways for content monetization, and provide a comprehensive suite of solutions for establishing trust and ownership of digital assets. Their Capture suite offers solutions for digital media ecosystem, including a search engine, API developer tools, and blockchain-based content proof. Number Protocol is committed to redefining authenticity online and empowering users to take control of their digital experiences.
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/AI & Big Data /Art /Asset Management /Binance Labs Portfolio /BNB Smart Chain /DAO Maker /Ethereum Ecosystem /Media /Platform /Web3

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Overview of Numbers Protocol offerings
Capture Suite: The Capture suite is an all-in-one solution for establishing trust and ownership in the digital media ecosystem. It includes a search engine, API developer tools, and blockchain-based content proof.
Content Verification: Number Protocol provides content verification services to AI-driven companies, ensuring the authenticity and trustworthiness of digital content.
Creativity Tools: Number Protocol offers creativity tools that leverage low-cost digital provenance infrastructure and decentralized storage, empowering creators to protect and monetize their digital assets.
Numbers API Developer Tools: Number Protocol offers API developer tools that allow developers to register and receive multiple assets using a simple API, facilitating the creation of network applications.
Numbers Blockchain: The Numbers Blockchain is a digital media library and indexing system that enables anyone to create on-chain proof of digital media files, providing consumers with a complete picture of content provenance.
Numbers Search Engine: The Numbers Search Engine provides a comprehensive search platform for digital media, featuring multi-network asset coverage, reverse-image search, and AI-powered similar image results.