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NuEnergy Gas (ASX:NGY) is an Australian-based energy company with a focus on developing and producing coal seam gas in Indonesia. The company has a portfolio of three CSG projects in South Sumatra, Central Sumatra, and Kalimantan, with a total resource of approximately 3 trillion cubic feet. NuEnergy Gas's current operations are focused on its South Sumatra project, where the company has completed a successful appraisal program and is now preparing to commence production. The company is also progressing its Central Sumatra project, where it has recently completed a pilot program and is now planning for a full-scale appraisal program.
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New South Wales, Australia

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/Energy /Gas /CSG /Indonesia /Oil and gas

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Tanjung Enim PSC: positioned 50 km and 130 km from thriving economic hubs Prabumulih and Palembang. The company is conducting a five-spot pilot production test, and has obtained SKKMigas approval to develop the initial plan for the northern sector of the Tanjung Enim PSC.
Muara Enim PSC: situated 45-60 km and 100-120 km from the burgeoning economic centres of Prabumulih and Palembang, our location benefits from the co-location of the Tanjung Enim PSC CBM, presenting an opportunity for integrated development.
Muara Enim II PSC: the company is conducting a 3-spot pilot production test, while advancing exploration activities to initiate the preparation of the Plan of Development within the next 18 to 24 months.
Muralim PSC: it boasts well-developed infrastructure, supported by the longstanding Medco Oil and Gas Facilities, and is conveniently situated 65 km from major gas trunk lines to the Java market and for export to Malaysia and Singapore.
Rengat PSC: it is intersected by key gas trunk lines to Duri and other significant gas markets in Central and North Sumatera. At present, it is advancing with additional exploration activities to ascertain the extent of the CBM reservoir.
Bontang Bengalon PSC: situated near the burgeoning industrial cities of Bontang and Sangatta, the asset benefits from well-developed infrastructure.

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NuEnergy Gas leadership team
  • Mr. Beng Hong Lim
    Mr. Beng Hong Lim
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Yong Wah  Kee
    Mr. Yong Wah Kee
    Deputy Executive Chairman
  • Ms. Rozanna  Lee AGIA, AGIS, B.Com., BCom, GradDipACG, L.L.B., LLB
    Ms. Rozanna Lee AGIA, AGIS, B.Com., BCom, GradDipACG, L.L.B., LLB
    Company Secretary