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What does Nova Minerals do?
Nova Minerals Ltd is an Australian company focused on exploring and developing mineral resources. Their primary operations involve mining for gold and lithium. Key projects include the Estelle Gold project in Alaska and the Snow Lakes Lithium project in Canada. Their main objective is to become a major minerals producer, providing resources crucial to the renewable energy sector, supporting the evolution of energy storage technology while also delivering value to their stakeholders.
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Where is the head office for Nova Minerals?

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Head Office
Victoria, Australia

What year was Nova Minerals founded?

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Year Founded
What does Nova Minerals specialise in?
/Gold /Lithium /Mining /Exploration /Alaska /Australia

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Overview of Nova Minerals offerings
Estelle Gold Project: A flagship project located in Alaska's Estelle Gold Trend.
Snow Lake Lithium: Nova discovered a JORC compliant lithium resource in Manitoba, Canada which has been spun off on the NASDAQ as Snow Lake Lithium. Continues to hold a 37% stake in the company.
Asra Minerals: Company owns 8.76% holding in Asra Minerals which has discovered a heavy rare earth deposit in Western Australia.

Who is in the executive team of Nova Minerals?

Nova Minerals leadership team
  • Mr. Louie  Simens
    Mr. Louie Simens
    Interim Executive Chairman
  • Mr. Christopher  Gerteisen
    Mr. Christopher Gerteisen
    CEO, MD & Executive Director
  • Mr. Craig  Bentley
    Mr. Craig Bentley
    Executive Director of Finance & Compliance and Director
  • Mr. Michael  Melamed
    Mr. Michael Melamed
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Dale J. Schultz M.Sc., P. Geo.
    Mr. Dale J. Schultz M.Sc., P. Geo.
    Chief Geologist
  • Mr. Ian Craig Pamensky
    Mr. Ian Craig Pamensky
    Company Secretary
  • Mr. Olaf  Frederickson
    Mr. Olaf Frederickson