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Northern Minerals (ASX:NTU) is a mineral exploration and development company focused on heavy rare earth (HRE) elements, specifically dysprosium, lutetium, and terbium. The company has large landholdings in Western Australia and the Northern Territory which are highly prospective for these elements. Northern Minerals' operations are focused on the exploration, development, and production of HRE elements. The company's flagship project is the Browns Range Project in Western Australia, which is one of the largest HRE deposits in the world. Northern Minerals is also developing other HRE projects in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.
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New South Wales, Australia

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/Rare earths /REE /HRE /Mining /Resources /Western Australia

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Overview of Northern Minerals offerings
Browns Range Heavy Rare Earths Project: A flagship project to mine and process heavy rare earth elements (HREEs) from the Browns Range deposit in Western Australia. HREEs are used in a variety of high-tech products, such as electric vehicles, wind turbines, and smartphones.
Boulder Ridge Project: A high-grade rare earth project in the Tanami region of the Northern Territory, with rock-chip assays of up to 12% TREO.
John Galt Project: A 78 kmĀ² heavy rare earth prospect in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Who is in the executive team of Northern Minerals?

Northern Minerals leadership team
  • Mr. Nicholas Anthony Curtis A.M., B.A., BA (Hons), FAICD
    Mr. Nicholas Anthony Curtis A.M., B.A., BA (Hons), FAICD
    Executive Chairman
  • Mr. Shane Anthony  Hartwig ACIS, B.Bus, CPA
    Mr. Shane Anthony Hartwig ACIS, B.Bus, CPA
    Finance Director & Director
  • Ms. Angela  Glover
    Ms. Angela Glover
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Ms. Hayley  Patton
    Ms. Hayley Patton
    Head of People & Culture
  • Mr. Robin  Jones
    Mr. Robin Jones
    Head of Projects
  • Mr. Bin  Cai
    Mr. Bin Cai
    Executive Director
  • Mr. Kurt  Warburton
    Mr. Kurt Warburton
    Exploration Manager
  • Ms. Belinda  Pearce
    Ms. Belinda Pearce
    Company Secretary