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noco-noco (NASDAQ:NCNC), a decarbonization solutions provider on the Nasdaq, tackles climate change through its technology offerings. Their flagship product, X-SEPA™, is a revolutionary battery separator designed for long-lasting and heat-resistant performance in electric vehicles. Beyond batteries, noco-noco offers noco-noco Lease, a platform for leasing eco-friendly transportation. The company is actively developing solutions in the carbon capture and credit space, as evidenced by their recent partnership with Binex. With a current share price of $0.17, noco-noco is a player to watch in the sustainable technology market.
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Consumer Discretionary

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Singapore, Singapore

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/Digital Services /Cloud Computing /AI Development /Data Analytics /Cybersecurity Solutions /Innovation Consulting

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Overview of noco-noco Ordinary Share offerings
X-SEPA™ Battery Separator Technology: This is a proprietary technology for lithium-ion batteries. X-SEPA improves battery life and performance through its design and materials.
noco-noco Lease: This is a carbon-neutral leasing platform designed for fleet operators and public transportation providers. It aims to promote a circular economy and reduce carbon emissions by offering efficient leasing models.
Sustainable Energy Storage: X-SEPA™ technology improves the performance and lifespan of lithium-ion batteries, potentially leading to more efficient energy storage solutions.
Development Partnerships: There's a possibility noco-noco partners with companies to develop and integrate X-SEPA™ into specific applications.
Agricultural Carbon Conversion: Their partnership with Binex suggests noco-noco might be developing technological solutions for converting captured agricultural carbon into tradable credits.

Who is in the executive team of noco-noco Ordinary Share?

noco-noco Ordinary Share leadership team
  • Mr. Masataka  Matsumura
    Mr. Masataka Matsumura
    Co-Founder, CEO & Director
  • Mr. Wee Kiat  Ng
    Mr. Wee Kiat Ng
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Ms. Leng Hor Chee
    Ms. Leng Hor Chee
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Yuta  Akakuma
    Mr. Yuta Akakuma
    Head of Business Development & Director