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What does NKGen Biotech do?
NKGen Biotech (NASDAQ:NKGN) specializes in the innovative field of biotechnology, focusing on developing cutting-edge therapeutic solutions with a commitment to improving patient outcomes in various medical conditions. The core of its operations revolves around harnessing the power of advanced scientific research to create and develop novel treatments that address unmet medical needs. Among its diverse projects, NKGen Biotech places particular emphasis on immunotherapy and cell therapy technologies, aiming to lead the way in transforming how diseases are treated. The company's objectives are centered on advancing its portfolio of therapeutic candidates through clinical trials, securing regulatory approvals, and establishing strong partnerships within the healthcare sector to ensure their groundbreaking therapies reach patients worldwide.
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Health Care

Where is the head office for NKGen Biotech ?

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Santa Ana, United States

What year was NKGen Biotech founded?

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Year Founded
What does NKGen Biotech specialise in?
/Cancer therapeutics /Immunotherapy products /Biopharmaceutical services /Cell therapy /Research projects /Clinical trials

What are the products and/or services of NKGen Biotech ?

Overview of NKGen Biotech offerings
SNK01, an autologous natural killer cell therapy aimed at treating various types of cancer.
NK cell manufacturing technology, enabling scalable production of high-purity, activated NK cells for therapeutic use.
Mechanism enhancement research, dedicated to improving NK cell persistence and cytotoxicity against tumor cells.
Collaborative studies with leading pharmaceutical companies to explore combination therapies involving NK cells.
Advancement of NK cell storage solutions, ensuring longer shelf life and stability for clinical applications.
Development of proprietary assays to measure NK cell activity and efficacy in real-time.

Who is in the executive team of NKGen Biotech ?

NKGen Biotech leadership team
  • Dr. Paul Y.  Song M.D.
    Dr. Paul Y. Song M.D.
    CEO & Chairman
  • Mr. Sangwoo  Park
    Mr. Sangwoo Park
    Executive Director
  • Mr. James A. Graf
    Mr. James A. Graf
    Interim CFO
  • Mr. Pierre  Gagnon
    Mr. Pierre Gagnon
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Ms. Yoonmi  Kang
    Ms. Yoonmi Kang
    Vice President of Technical Operations
  • Dr. Yong Man  Kim Ph.D.
    Dr. Yong Man Kim Ph.D.
    Chief Scientific Officer
  • Ms. Denise A. Chua CLS, MBA, MT (ASCP)
    Ms. Denise A. Chua CLS, MBA, MT (ASCP)
    Vice President of Investor Relations & Corporate Communications
  • Ms. Irene  Chang
    Ms. Irene Chang
    Vice President of Human Resources