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NiCo Resources (ASX:NC1) is a nickel-cobalt focused mining exploration company with a flagship project, the Wingellina Nickel-Cobalt Project, located on the border of Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory. The Wingellina Project contains a large nickel-cobalt resource with the potential to produce a high-grade nickel cobalt concentrate. NiCo Resources is currently focused on advancing the Wingellina Nickel-Cobalt Project through a pre-feasibility study with the objective of developing it into a tier 1 nickel-cobalt mine.
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Perth, Western Australia

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/Nickel /Cobalt /Mining /Exploration /Resources /Western Australia /Northern Territory /South Australia

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Wingellina Nickel-Cobalt Project: Australia’s largest untapped nickel-cobalt resource, forming part of NiCo Resources Central Musgrave Project. CMP holds around 2.0 million tonnes of nickel and 154,000 tonnes of cobalt, with Wingellina contributing 1.56 million tonnes of nickel and 123,000 tonnes of cobalt.
Claude Hills Project: situated about 30km east of Wingellina, revealed an initial deposit of 33.3 million tonnes at 0.81% Ni and 0.07% Co following a substantial exploration effort in 2010.

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  • Mr. Jonathan Nicholas Shellabear B Sc (Hons), MBA
    Mr. Jonathan Nicholas Shellabear B Sc (Hons), MBA
    MD, CEO & Director
  • Ms. Amanda  Burgess CPA
    Ms. Amanda Burgess CPA
    Company Secretary