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NickelSearch (ASX:NIS) is an Australian mineral exploration company dedicated to uncovering nickel sulphide and lithium deposits in Western Australia. Their flagship project, Carlingup, strategically sits 10km from an existing lithium mine and boasts an existing resource base of 155kt contained nickel. Additionally, recent exploration identified priority lithium targets near the quarry, highlighting their multi-commodity potential. NickelSearch has secured heritage clearance for potential mining, a crucial step towards future development.
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Perth, Australia

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/Nickel /Lithium /Mining /Resources /Western Australia

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Carlingup Project, Western Australia: comprised of eight mining licenses and seven exploration licences covering an area of approximately 108km2 in the Ravensthorpe Greenstone Belt. The area is a highly prospective geological setting for both nickel sulphides and lithium, with established mining operations and infrastructure nearby.
Rav-8 South Prospect, Western Australia: historic high grade nickel production at this site.

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  • Ms. Nicole  Duncan B.A., BA (HONS), FCIS, FGIA, L.L.B., MAICD
    Ms. Nicole Duncan B.A., BA (HONS), FCIS, FGIA, L.L.B., MAICD
    MD & Director
  • Ms. Suzie Jayne Foreman B.Com (Hons), B.Com., C.A., CA
    Ms. Suzie Jayne Foreman B.Com (Hons), B.Com., C.A., CA
    Company Secretary