What is NextDC about?
NextDC (ASX:NXT) is an Australian data centre operator. The company owns and operates a network of 20 data centre facilities across Australia and abroad, with facilities in major Australian cities, as well as Japan, Malaysia and New Zealand. NextDC offers a range of data centre services, including co-location, cloud infrastructure, and managed services. NextDC's data centres are used by a wide range of customers, including government agencies, enterprise businesses, and cloud providers.
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How many people does NextDC employ?


What sector is NextDC in?

Information Technology

Where is the head office for NextDC?

Head Office
Brisbane, Australia

What year was NextDC founded?

Year Founded
What does NextDC specialise in?
/Software /Services /Data management /Technology /Cloud /Data centre
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Where does NextDC operate? Locations of NextDC global operations


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    Brisbane, Australia
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What are NextDC’s services?
Overview of NextDC offerings
Co-location: Colocation is the rental of space in a data centre for the storage and operation of IT equipment.
Mission Critical Spaces: Dedicated spaces for businesses that require the highest levels of security and reliability.
Data Centre Migration and Relocation: Services to help businesses migrate or relocate their data centres to NextDC facilities.
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: Services to help businesses protect their data and systems from disasters and disruptions.
Cloud solutions: NextDC partners with major cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, to offer its customers a range of cloud solutions. This allows businesses to access the latest cloud computing technologies without having to invest in their own infrastructure.
Who is in the NextDC executive team?
NextDC leadership team
  • Mr. Craig  Scroggie
    Mr. Craig Scroggie
    CEO, MD & Exec. Director
  • Mr. Oskar  Tomaszewski
    Mr. Oskar Tomaszewski
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Simon  Cooper
    Mr. Simon Cooper
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. David  Dzienciol
    Mr. David Dzienciol
    Chief Customer & Commercial Officer
  • Mr. Jeff  Arndt
    Mr. Jeff Arndt
    Chief Information Officer
  • Mr. Alex  Teo
    Mr. Alex Teo
    VP of Strategy & Investor Relations
  • Mr. Michael  Helmer
    Mr. Michael Helmer
    Chief Legal Officer & Company Sec.
  • Mr. Adam  Scully
    Mr. Adam Scully
    Chief Sales Officer