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Nexo (CRYPTO:NEXO) is a cryptocurrency exchange and lending platform that allows users to buy, sell, borrow, and earn interest on digital assets. Nexo also offers a variety of other products and services, such as a crypto card and a loyalty program. The company's mission is to serve as a bridge between traditional and digital finance. Nexo's operations are focused on developing and maintaining the Nexo platform, and on promoting the adoption of Nexo by users around the world. The Nexo team is working on a number of projects, including developing new Nexo-based products and features, integrating Nexo with other blockchains and ecosystems, and building a community of Nexo users and developers. Nexo's objectives are to make Nexo the most widely used platform for buying, selling, borrowing, and earning interest on digital assets, and to promote the development of a decentralized and user-friendly financial ecosystem. The Nexo team believes that Nexo can play a major role in achieving these objectives by providing a fast, secure, and affordable platform for users to interact with the world of digital assets.
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Borrow against assets: NEXO allows users to borrow against their digital assets, with loan-to-value ratios up to 90%.
Earn interest: NEXO offers users the ability to earn interest on their digital assets, with rates up to 12% APY.
Exchange: NEXO allows users to buy, sell, and swap digital assets with over 400 cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies supported.
Institutional services: NEXO offers institutional-grade services, such as trading and execution services, to financial institutions and other large clients.
Loyalty program: NEXO offers a loyalty program that rewards users with NEXO tokens for using the Nexo platform.
Nexo Card: NEXO offers a crypto card that allows users to spend their digital assets at over 90 million merchants worldwide.