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What does Nexgen Energy do?
Nexgen Energy (ASX:NXG) is a uranium exploration and development company focused on developing the Rook I uranium mine in Saskatchewan, Canada. The Rook I mine is expected to become one of the largest and lowest-cost uranium mines in the world, with a production capacity of 5 million pounds of uranium per year over a 30-year mine life.
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Where is the head office for Nexgen Energy ?

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Head Office
Vancouver, Canada

What year was Nexgen Energy founded?

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What does Nexgen Energy specialise in?
/Uranium /Mining /Canada /Mining company /Energy

What are the products and/or services of Nexgen Energy ?

Overview of Nexgen Energy offerings
Uranium exploration: Nexgen Energy is engaged in the exploration of uranium deposits in Canada.
Uranium mine development: The company is developing the Rook I uranium mine, which is expected to become one of the largest and lowest-cost uranium mines in the world.
Uranium mill development: Nexgen Energy is also developing a uranium mill to process ore from the Rook I mine.
Uranium sales: The company plans to sell uranium from the Rook I mine to utilities and other end users.
Joint ventures: Nexgen Energy has joint ventures with other companies to explore and develop uranium deposits in Canada.
Research and development: Nexgen Energy is conducting research and development to improve its uranium exploration and mining techniques.

Who is in the executive team of Nexgen Energy ?

Nexgen Energy leadership team
  • Mr. Leigh Robert Curyer ACA, BA (Acc)
    Mr. Leigh Robert Curyer ACA, BA (Acc)
    Founder, President, CEO & Director
  • Ms. Gillian A. McCombie
    Ms. Gillian A. McCombie
    Vice President of Human Resources
  • Mr. Travis G. McPherson
    Mr. Travis G. McPherson
    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Mr. Benjamin  Salter
    Mr. Benjamin Salter
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Kevin  Small B.Sc., P.Eng.
    Mr. Kevin Small B.Sc., P.Eng.
    Senior Vice President of Engineering & Operations
  • Ms. Mary  Fraser
    Ms. Mary Fraser
    Vice President of Communications
  • Ms. Monica  Kras
    Ms. Monica Kras
    Vice President of Corporate Development