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Newfield Resources (ASX:NWF) is a diamond mining company with a focus on West Africa. The company's flagship asset is the Tongo Diamond Mine in Sierra Leone, which is currently under construction. Newfield's operations are focused on the development and operation of the Tongo Diamond Mine and the Kumgbo Kimberlite Project. The company has a team of experienced and skilled mining engineers and geologists who are able to deliver the project on time and within budget.
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Perth, Australia

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/Diamonds /Mining /Africa /Resources /Jewellery

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Exploration and development of diamond projects in West Africa: Newfield Resources is a diamond mining company with a focus on Sierra Leone and Liberia.
Tongo Diamond Project: The Tongo Diamond Project is Newfield Resources' flagship project and is located in Eastern Sierra Leone.
Kumbgo Kimberlite Project: The Kumbgo Kimberlite Project is another key project for Newfield Resources and is located in Liberia.
Commitment to sustainable development: Newfield Resources is committed to sustainable development and operates in accordance with the highest environmental and social standards.

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Newfield Resources leadership team
  • Mr. Nicholas Karl Smithson
    Mr. Nicholas Karl Smithson
    Executive Director
  • Renato  Spaggiari
    Renato Spaggiari
    Chief Geologist
  • Ms. Shu Qing Teo B. Com., MAcc
    Ms. Shu Qing Teo B. Com., MAcc
    Company Secretary