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What does NetSol Technologies do?
NetSol Technologies (NASDAQ:NTWK) specializes in providing high-quality software solutions and services to businesses globally. Their operations focus on the finance and leasing industry, delivering advanced credit and finance portfolio management systems through their innovative NFS Ascent platform. The company's projects range from developing end-to-end automation solutions for asset finance and leasing operations to creating platforms that enhance decision-making processes and operational efficiencies. The objective of NetSol Technologies is to help their clients navigate the challenges of digitization and to harness the power of technology to drive growth and improve performance. They are dedicated to innovation, striving to exceed market expectations by delivering reliable and scalable solutions.
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What sector is NetSol Technologies in?

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Information Technology

Where is the head office for NetSol Technologies?

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Head Office
Calabasas, United States

What year was NetSol Technologies founded?

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Year Founded
What does NetSol Technologies specialise in?
/Software Solutions /ERP Solutions /Lease Accounting /Asset Finance /Consulting Services /Mobility Solutions

What are the products and/or services of NetSol Technologies?

Overview of NetSol Technologies offerings
NFS Ascent - A comprehensive leasing and finance solution tailored for the auto and equipment finance and leasing industry.
NFS Digital - A suite of digital applications for omni-channel customer engagement and experiences.
LeasePak Cloud - A cloud-based asset leasing and lending solution for managing the entire lease and loan lifecycle.
Otoz - A mobility platform offering digital solutions for car sharing, rental, and subscription-based services.

Who is in the executive team of NetSol Technologies?

NetSol Technologies leadership team
  • Mr. Najeeb Ullah Ghauri
    Mr. Najeeb Ullah Ghauri
    Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Naeem Ullah Ghauri
    Mr. Naeem Ullah Ghauri
    Co-Founder, President and CEO of Innovation & OTOZ
  • Mr. Roger Kent Almond CPA
    Mr. Roger Kent Almond CPA
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Ms. Patti L. W. McGlasson
    Ms. Patti L. W. McGlasson
    Senior VP of Legal & Corporate Affairs, Corporate Secretary and General Counsel
  • Ms. Malea  Farsai
    Ms. Malea Farsai
    Corporate Counsel & Director
  • Mr. Matt  Glover
    Mr. Matt Glover
    Investor Relations Officer
  • Mr. Erik  Wagner
    Mr. Erik Wagner
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Mr. Khurram  Rana
    Mr. Khurram Rana
    Global Chief Human Resource Officer