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Neometals (ASX:NMT) is a sustainable battery materials producer. The company is developing a range of technologies to commercialise the production of battery materials from recycled feedstocks and sustainably sourced minerals. Neometals is developing a lithium-ion battery recycling plant in Germany in partnership with Mercedes Benz. It’s developing a vanadium recovery plant in Finland. The company is also developing a lithium chemicals plant in Kwinana, Western Australia.
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Perth, Australia

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/Vanadium /Lithium-ion /Battery /Energy /Battery metals /Finland /Germany /Western Australia

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Overview of Neometals offerings
Lithium-ion Battery Recycling: Neometals has a 50% stake in Primobius, a joint venture with SMS group, a leading global plant builder. Primobius operates a commercial disposal service for lithium-ion batteries at its 10 tonnes per day (tpd) shredding plant in Germany and is the recycling technology partner to Mercedes-Benz. Primobius is expected to reach an investment decision for its first 50tpd operation in Canada in partnership with Stelco in Q4 2023.
Vanadium Recovery: Neometals has a 72.5% stake in a joint venture with Critical Metals to produce high-purity vanadium pentoxide from steelmaking by-product slag. The joint venture is targeting a 300,000tpa operation in Pori, Finland, underpinned by a 10-year slag supply agreement with leading Scandinavian steelmaker SSAB. The Finnish project investment decision is expected in Q2 2023. Neometals has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with H2Green Steel for up to 4Mt of slag, underpinning a potential second operation in Boden, Sweden.
Lithium Chemicals: Neometals is earning a 35% stake in RAM, a company that owns the patented ELi™ electrolysis process for producing battery-quality lithium hydroxide from brine and/or hard-rock feedstocks. Neometals is co-funding pilot plant and evaluation studies for a 25,000tpa operation in Estarreja, Portugal, with Portugal's largest chemical producer, Bondalti Chemicals S.A.
Barrambie Titanium and Vanadium Project (100% equity): One of the world's highest-grade hard-rock titanium-vanadium deposits, Barrambie is finalizing a take-or-pay titanium feedstock offtake contract with China's largest chloride-grade titanium slag producer, supporting a long-life concentrate export operation.

Who is in the executive team of Neometals?

Neometals leadership team
  • Mr. Christopher John Reed ASA, GrdCerMinEcon, MAusIMM
    Mr. Christopher John Reed ASA, GrdCerMinEcon, MAusIMM
    MD, CEO & Executive Director
  • Mr. Jason  Carone
    Mr. Jason Carone
    Company Secretary & CFO
  • Mr. Michael  Tamlin
    Mr. Michael Tamlin
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Darren Paul Townsend EMBA
    Mr. Darren Paul Townsend EMBA
    Chief Development Officer
  • Mr. Jeremy  Mcmanus
    Mr. Jeremy Mcmanus
    General Manager of Investor Relations & Intellectual Property
  • Mr. Mark  Boyne
    Mr. Mark Boyne
    Senior Legal Counsel
  • Mr. Paul  Wallwork
    Mr. Paul Wallwork
    General Manager of Marketing & Product Development
  • Mr. Scott Christiaan Robertson B.Com.
    Mr. Scott Christiaan Robertson B.Com.
    Group Manager of Corporate Development