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What does Nauticus Robotics do?
Nauticus Robotics (NASDAQ:KITT) is a pioneering company dedicated to engineering advanced robotic solutions and software for various marine applications. This innovative firm is focused on transforming the ocean industry by developing and deploying autonomous robotic systems and services designed to enhance operational efficiency, improve safety, and reduce the environmental impact of underwater operations. Nauticus Robotics aims to lead the way in ocean exploration and conservation efforts, working on a wide array of projects that include underwater inspection, maintenance, and repair, as well as data collection for scientific research. Through its cutting-edge technology, Nauticus Robotics is committed to achieving its objectives of advancing human understanding of the oceans and promoting the sustainable use of marine resources.
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Where is the head office for Nauticus Robotics?

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Texas, United States

What year was Nauticus Robotics founded?

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What does Nauticus Robotics specialise in?
/Marine Robotics /Autonomous Vessels /AI Navigation /Robotics Software /Maritime Surveys /Underwater Exploration

What are the products and/or services of Nauticus Robotics?

Overview of Nauticus Robotics offerings
Autonomous underwater drones for deep-sea exploration and mapping, designed to operate in challenging oceanic conditions.
Cutting-edge surface craft for ocean data collection, providing high-resolution maritime environmental monitoring.
Advanced robotic arms for subsea manipulation, offering precise intervention capabilities in offshore energy and research sectors.
Innovative seafloor crawling robots, designed for inspection and maintenance tasks on underwater infrastructure.
State-of-the-art aquatic drone software, enhancing autonomous navigation and data analysis for maritime operations.
Custom engineering solutions for underwater robotics, tailored to meet specific industry needs in exploration, conservation, and resource management.

Who is in the executive team of Nauticus Robotics?

Nauticus Robotics leadership team
  • Mr. John Willis Gibson Jr., B.Sc., BSc Geology, M.Sc., MSc Geology
    Mr. John Willis Gibson Jr., B.Sc., BSc Geology, M.Sc., MSc Geology
    President, Interim CEO & Director
  • Ms. Victoria  Hay
    Ms. Victoria Hay
    Principal Accounting Officer & Interim CFO
  • Dr. John D. Yamokoski
    Dr. John D. Yamokoski
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Mr. Nicholas J. Bigney
    Mr. Nicholas J. Bigney
    General Counsel
  • Ciara  Campbell
    Ciara Campbell
    Vice President of Human Resources