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Nano Labs (NASDAQ:NA) is a Chinese fabless chip designer focusing on high-performance computing solutions. They develop chips for applications like distributed computing, data storage, and artificial intelligence. Their product range includes network interface cards and vision processing chips. Despite a significant stock price decline, Nano Labs remains a player in the competitive semiconductor industry, catering to both enterprises and individual buyers.
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Information Technology

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Hangzhou, China

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What does Nano Labs (NA) specialise in?
/Nanotechnology Research /Product Development /Scientific Innovation /Industry Consultation /Material Development /Technology Commercialization

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Overview of Nano Labs (NA) offerings
High Throughput Computing (HTC) Chips: Designed for processing large amounts of data quickly, these chips are ideal for tasks like scientific simulations and big data analysis.
High Performance Computing (HPC) Chips: Offer superior processing power for demanding applications such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Distributed Computing and Storage Solutions: Enable data to be processed and stored across multiple locations, providing scalability and flexibility.
Smart Network Interface Cards (NICs): Improve data transfer speeds and network efficiency for data centers and high-performance computing environments.
Vision Computing Chips: Designed specifically for tasks like image recognition and object detection, these chips are used in applications like autonomous vehicles and security systems.
Distributed Rendering Technology: Allows for complex graphics rendering to be broken down and processed across multiple computers, speeding up the process.

Who is in the executive team of Nano Labs (NA)?

Nano Labs (NA) leadership team
  • Mr. Jianping  Kong
    Mr. Jianping Kong
    Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Bing  Chen
    Mr. Bing Chen
    CFO & Senior VP
  • Mr. Huawei  Kong
    Mr. Huawei Kong
    Senior Vice President