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What does Murray Cod Australia do?
Murray Cod Australia (ASX:MCA) is a vertically-integrated producer of sustainable Murray Cod fish in Australia. The company's operations span the entire value chain, from breeding and grow-out to processing and marketing. MCA's objective is to be the leading producer of high-quality Murray Cod fish in Australia and to supply the growing domestic and global demand for this premium product.
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Consumer Staples

Where is the head office for Murray Cod Australia?

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New South Wales, Australia

What year was Murray Cod Australia founded?

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What does Murray Cod Australia specialise in?
/Aquaculture /Fishing /Seafood /Consumer

What are the products and/or services of Murray Cod Australia?

Overview of Murray Cod Australia offerings
Murray Cod Fingerlings: Murray Cod Fingerlings are young Murray Cod fish that are raised in hatcheries and then released into the wild to restock populations.
Murray Cod Grow-Out: Murray Cod Grow-Out is the process of raising Murray Cod to market size in ponds or tanks.
Murray Cod Processing: Murray Cod Processing is the process of processing Murray Cod fish for sale, including filleting, packaging, and freezing.
Murray Cod Marketing: Murray Cod Marketing is the process of promoting and selling Murray Cod fish to consumers.
Murray Cod Research and Development: Murray Cod Research and Development is the process of developing new and improved ways to raise, process, and market Murray Cod fish.
Murray Cod Education and Training: Murray Cod Education and Training is the process of teaching people about Murray Cod fish and how to raise, process, and market them.

Who is in the executive team of Murray Cod Australia?

Murray Cod Australia leadership team
  • Mr. Ross James Anderson
    Mr. Ross James Anderson
    CEO & Executive Chairman
  • Ms. Wendy  Dillon C.A.
    Ms. Wendy Dillon C.A.
    CFO & Company Secretary
  • Mr. Matthew John Ryan
    Mr. Matthew John Ryan
    Director of Production & Development and Executive Director
  • Mr. Brett William Tucker B.Com (UWA), B.Com., C.A.
    Mr. Brett William Tucker B.Com (UWA), B.Com., C.A.
    Company Secretary